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Innova ERP Solution

Innova’s ERP solution are aimed at increasing overall productivity by maximizing the efficiency of resource management. In order to reach their strategic goals, company need to make best possible uses of available resources: personnel, finance, data, and corporate asset, Innova’s ERP solution will be a loyal assistant when enterprise make critical decisions about which resources to allocate to a project. It helps the business to reach


• Accounting
• Accounts Payable Management
• Accounts Receivable Management
• Sales Management
• Point Of Sale
• Purchase Management
• Inventory Management
• Human Resource Management
• Payroll Management

Innova Van Sales System

Our automated van sales system supports all aspects of the van sales and delivery process from office-based control functions to field force automation. Customer details, products, routes and sales orders can be captured from your accounts or ERP system or entered quickly and easily into our van sales system. Highly flexible and customer-specific pricing, discounting and promotion structures ensure that you have the flexibility to generate and execute the most imaginative marketing campaigns. Predictive selling tools help your reps to ensure correct stock levels and product mix at each call. The powerful reporting suite provides up-to-the-minute information, including 'live' data from the field if required.

Our van sales system is a proven, full-featured, cost-justified, integrated software solution for automating transactions across your van sales business while reducing paperwork. The system is fully customizable to interface with your existing accounting systems or can work as a stand-alone solution for your mobile workforce and office personnel.

Asset Management Solution

Innova Assets Management Solution provides the asset Tracking process by saving time and eliminating data – entry errors associated with manual processes. Innova Assets Solution uses barcode scanning capabilities which allows everything from IT assets, equipment tracking. Facility Managements can track when assets are checked out, view which assists are in for repairs and see who has received the assets in past. Allow us to track the entire office valuable asset, this increase accountability.

Never fail an audit again! With Innova assets solution you can reduce your audit time by 80% and practically eliminate data entry errors commonly associated with spreadsheets.

Asset management software & solution can help you manage and track all your business assets and equipment life cycle, with asset software & solution you can track the assets you have, where they are how much they cost as of today and more.

Other Services

Custom Software Development

We develop software solutions, ranging from specific modules and components, to complete, large and complex solutions, which include training, support and global implementation. We understand the diverse commercial needs of modern businesses and how custom built software can be used to improve performance and profits. We can provide you our development services whether you need custom programming of existing facilities or the creation of new software based products. Starting with a review of your current business process, we develop software solutions that integrate seamlessly with any existing systems and rapidly enhance your potential to perform.

Mobile Application Development

Innova Solution is able to develop Mobile Apps that enable your clients to engage with you at their convenience. These Mobile Apps help add value to your products and services, with latest information, best offers, sources and routes of contact, and entertainment. They give you the best of modern information technology ideally suited to your special needs. Innova Solution has an abundance of knowledge, skills and experience combined with creativity in Mobile Apps development, to serve your business. Our work covers all ranges of Mobile App needs focused on techno-creativity to best increase your business potential, in a very competitive field.

Web Development

Innova Solution mastered the skills to offer for internet solutions to improve business performance. We have the knowledge, experience and understanding to plan creative and relevant solutions for your needs, to take the correct message to your target audience. We undertake all functions related to web development, with abundant experience in helping companies to increase their corporate potential through the Internet, helping them to methodically expand their scope of business.

Web Designing

We design websites for your business, to make it more practical and acceptable to the world. We handle your needs related to web design, utilizing the latest technology, to provide innovative, creative, high quality, professional websites./p>

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